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When I first met Jared, I thought he was a good-looking goofball, but once I got to know him more I realized he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I think that’s something others don’t necessarily see because he’s one of those people that come across as happy-go-lucky, and he’s into sports, but on the flipside he knows so much about everything. I’m constantly amazed, because he can talk to you about anything in the world. Like, if we’re talking about a new place to travel, he doesn’t just say, “Italy sounds cool, let’s go to Italy,” he’ll learn the entire history of the Italian government. He’s an incredibly curious person, and he’s so hungry to learn. I’m constantly trying to keep up with him.
Genevieve Padalecki, when she and Jared were dating during season four. (via abominablesnowmanstiel)

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